Joints of the Upper Limbs
Joints of the Upper Limbs

Joints of the Upper Limbs

by James Pickering, PhD

The joints of the upper limbs are integral for medical student education, encompassing a detailed exploration of key articulations crucial for understanding upper limb anatomy and function. This includes the sternoclavicular joint, acromioclavicular joint, and glenohumeral joint, pivotal for shoulder stability and movement. The elbow joint, with its complex interactions between the humerus, radius, and ulna, is thoroughly examined for its role in forearm motion. The radioulnar joint contributes to the forearm's rotational capabilities, while the intricate joints of the hand and digits are essential for fine motor skills. Mastery of these joints is paramount for clinical applications and a comprehensive understanding of musculoskeletal dynamics, forming a critical component of the USMLE examination for aspiring medical professionals.

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 James Pickering, PhD

James Pickering, PhD

Dr. James Pickering is a Professor of Anatomical Education at the University of Leeds, UK.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Leeds in 2019. Currently, he undertakes and publishes research within the areas of anatomy education, digital education, and curriculum design and evaluation.
Due to his achievements, he earned the University of Leeds Teaching Award and was named The Most Innovative Teacher of the Year 2014 and Learning Technologist of the Year 2014.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Pickering teaches courses on Anatomy.

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