Head and Neck Anatomy
Head and Neck Anatomy

Head and Neck Anatomy

by Craig Canby, PhD

Head and Neck Anatomy is another critical topic. Award-winning Prof. Craig Canby will teach you everything you need to know about head and neck anatomy. Lecturio´s head and neck anatomy course is full of up-to-date content that you need to know.

At Lecturio you can find the following topics:

  • Types of intercranial hemorrhage
  • Overview of the 7 extraocular muscles
  • Innervation and arterial supply

In order to benefit from the best exam preparation possible, at Lecturio you will also find hundreds of high-yield, recall questions that will test your knowledge and help you assess your learning progress in a simple and effective way.

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Course Details

  • Videos 22
  • Duration 1:38 h
  • Quiz questions 61
  • Articles 12


Your Educators of course Head and Neck Anatomy

 Craig Canby, PhD

Craig Canby, PhD

Dr. Craig Canby is Professor of Anatomy at Des Moines University in Iowa. He studied Biology and Chemistry at the Iowa Wesleyan College and later got his Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of Iowa.
Canby has received many awards and honors for his work including the DPT Class of 2008 Teaching Excellence Award and the Award Hancher Finkbine Medallion.
His research is especially focused on anatomical variations and technology-enabled student learning.

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The lecture helped me to understand the triangles of the neck with clarity
By Mananya S. on 19. May 2019 for Introduction esp. Triangles of the Neck – Neck

The slow and steady way of explaining every single detail is really appreciable

traingle of neck
By Eumna T. on 10. April 2019 for Introduction esp. Triangles of the Neck – Neck

I like the slow and convincing way of teaching and obviously this is so good

Perfect Resource
By Vidal V. on 09. April 2019 for Head and Neck Anatomy

Just what I have been looking for since I decided to go into the medical field. Just perfect for all my needs. Thanks

Nice lecture
By Shyam D. on 06. April 2019 for Introduction esp. Triangles of the Neck – Neck

This lectur have all about anterior and posterior triangle in an easy way.