Head and Neck Anatomy—MRCS

Head and Neck Anatomy—MRCS

by Stuart Enoch, PhD

This course covers all essential topics for the MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons) Part A exam.

Dr. Stuart Enoch uses a combination of oral examination, interactive discussions and sample patients with symptoms to give you an overview of clinical anatomy, surgery principles and physiological principles to prepare you for your exam. 

The course is up to date with the current curriculum.

  • Musculoskeletal - Upper Limb
  • Head and Neck Anatomy
  • Thorax Anatomy
  • Trauma and Post-op Management
  • Upper Part of the Body Anatomy
  • Medical Scenarios
  • Medical Body Examination

Raise your test scores with the help of exploratory videos, clinical pearls, further downloadable materials, interactive quizzes and mnemonics.

Course Details

  • Videos 10
  • Duration 1:02 h
  • Quiz questions 21
  • Articles 0


Your Educators of course Head and Neck Anatomy—MRCS

 Stuart Enoch, PhD

Stuart Enoch, PhD

Dr Enoch undertook surgical training from the University Hospitals of Manchester and passed the exams to obtain membership (MRCS) from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Edinburgh. After completing a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Cardiff as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Sciences from the University of Liverpool, he pursued Specialist Training in Burns and Plastic Surgery. Whilst working as a Specialist Registrar in Plastic Surgery, Dr Enoch founded Doctors Academy and soon established the Doctors Academy Group of Educational Establishments. In addition to clinical work, he has been actively involved in medical education, teaching and training throughout his career. He has won numerous awards, prizes, research fellowships and co-chairs global events such as the International Medical Summer School and International Academic and Research Conference in Manchester. He has convened and directed more than 300 postgraduate and undergraduate educational events, presented/given lectures in excess of 50 national/international conferences/meetings, published 70+ articles in international scientific and medical journals and authored/edited 20 books.

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Parotid tumors
By Jude A. on 24. July 2020 for Head and Neck Anatomy—MRCS

Very good practical demonstration Screen not very clear Would gladly recommend this video

Good explanation
By Frances E. on 14. May 2019 for Lymph Nodes in Neck

Very good explanation and relevance of level labelling use in the neck. Thank you!

By Anna H. on 12. January 2019 for Head and Neck Anatomy—MRCS

Thank you for making memorising anatomy much easier. it's never the same as sitting down and reading textbook

The best !!
By Dunia L. on 23. September 2018 for External Carotid Artery

The professor knows how to find the way to learn