Gastrointestinal Gross Anatomy

Gastrointestinal Gross Anatomy

by Craig Canby, PhD, James Pickering, PhD

Are you fit when it comes to gastrointestinal anatomy?

Learn all about the anatomy of the abdominal wall, the peritoneum, the portal system, and many more. Review your knowledge with high yield quiz questions and deepen your medical skills with topic reviews for each lecture.

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Your Educators of course Gastrointestinal Gross Anatomy

 Craig Canby, PhD

Craig Canby, PhD

Dr. Craig Canby is Professor of Anatomy at Des Moines University in Iowa. He studied Biology and Chemistry at the Iowa Wesleyan College and later got his Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of Iowa.
Canby has received many awards and honors for his work including the DPT Class of 2008 Teaching Excellence Award and the Award Hancher Finkbine Medallion.
His research is especially focused on anatomical variations and technology-enabled student learning.

 James Pickering, PhD

James Pickering, PhD

Dr. James Pickering did his Ph.D. at the University of Leeds where he currently works as Associate Professor in Anatomy. He has made various publications on the human anatomy, such as "Access Anatomy: Abdomen", and is heavily involved in the delivery of anatomy teaching to medical, dental and intercalating students.

He regularly uses various modern learning tools to a great extent and was therefore rewarded as "The Most Innovative Teacher of the Year 2014" and "Learning Technologist of the Year 2014" by the Association of Learning Technologists. Additionally, he also received the "University of Leeds Teaching Award".

Amongst others, he currently researches contemporary methods of learning, e. g. the use of blended learning resources on student engagement and assessment, or the screencast as a method of consolidation as well as revision.

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Peritoneum Lectures
By Parvaneh B. on 25. January 2018 for Peritoneum: Conclusion

Thank you, Dr. Pickering ! Your lectures are concise, organized, and highlights important points.

By RAMJIE L. on 18. January 2018 for Muscles of the Anterolateral Abdominal Wall โ€“ Abdominal Walls and Inguinal Canal

It's too boring.. I found it less interactive, less interesting. Better to read my Gray's Anatomy book.

By RAMJIE L. on 18. January 2018 for Abdominal Regions and Reference Planes โ€“ Surface Anatomy of the Abdomen

Just like reading a Gray's Anatomy book, but this time, I am just listening to him.

diagram for easy understanding
By oktay cem K. on 15. January 2018 for Coeliac Trunk: Branches โ€“ Arterial Supply to the GI Tract

This diagram sums up everything and really helpful. I will do this kind of diagram for every arterial supplies. Thank you for giving me the idea. Really appreciated

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