Back: Back muscles

by Craig Canby, PhD

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    Welcome to this lecture on “Back Muscles”. This slide identifies the objectives that you should be able to answer at the conclusion of this presentation. First, list the structures of the back. Categorize back muscles into groups. List the suboccipital muscles and define the suboccipital triangle. Describe the attachments, innervations and actions of the above muscles. Identify the relevant neurovascular structures. And then we will summarize the key take-home messages. And lastly, provide attribution for the images that were used throughout this presentation. This represents the body map in our focus of today, we will be on the region defined in through here, we will go pretty low onto the back and we will come very high outwards to the shoulder and even to the anterolateral clavicle and then we will work our way also to the back, the neck and up to the skull. This list just provides you an idea of the structures that are associated with the back. Moving from superficial to deep, we would have the skin, underlying the skin we would have superficial fascia and then deep to the superficial fascia, deep fascia, we would have our muscles. Also, in this area, we’d have relevant neurovascular structures. In the midline of the back, we would have our vertebral column and its associated ligaments. We would also have within the vertebral canal, the spinal cord and its associated meninges. And we would also have the posterior aspects of the ribs in these particular regions here. When we look at the muscles of the back they are going to be arranged in three layers. We have a superficial layer which is visualized here. Here is one of the superficial muscles, here is a second superficial muscle. We will also have three more that fall within this layered...

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Back: Back muscles by Craig Canby, PhD is from the course Abdominal Wall. It contains the following chapters:

    • Superficial back muscles
    • Intermediate Back Muscles
    • Deep back muscles
    • Subocciptal muscles
    • Neurovascular structures
    • Summary of Back Muscles

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Latissimus dorsi muscle
    2. Trapezius muscle
    3. Rhomboid major muscle
    4. Rhomboid minor muscle
    5. Levator scapulae muscle
    1. Deep
    2. Superficial
    3. Intermediate
    1. Serratus posterior superior muscle
    2. Serratus posterior inferior muscle
    3. Spenius capitis muscle
    4. Levator scapulae muscle
    5. Rhomboid major muscle
    1. Iliocostalis muscle
    2. Longissimus muscle
    3. Spinalis muscle
    1. Semispinalis cervicis muscle
    2. Semispinalis capitis muscle
    3. Splenius cervicis muscle
    4. Longissimus muscle
    1. Posterior ramus of C1
    2. Anterior ramus of C1
    3. Posterior ramus of C2
    4. Anterior ramus of C2
    5. Greater occipital nerve

    Author of lecture Back: Back muscles

     Craig Canby, PhD

    Craig Canby, PhD

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