12 Cranial Nerves and Their Functions
12 Cranial Nerves and Their Functions

12 Cranial Nerves and Their Functions

by Craig Canby, PhD

Can you name all 12 cranial nerves? Where they are the located and how do they work?

In this course, you will find the perfect USMLE exam preparation of the cranial nerves. Prof. Craig Canby will teach you all of them in detail:

  1. Olfactory Nerve
  2. Optic Nerve
  3. Oculomotor Nerve
  4. Trochlear Nerve
  5. Trigeminal Nerve
  6. Abducent Nerve
  7. Facial Nerve
  8. Vestibulocochlear Nerve
  9. Glossopharyngeal Nerve
  10. Vagus Nerve
  11. Accessory Nerve
  12. Hypoglossal Nerve

Quiz questions and topic reviews will help you to prepare for your USMLE exam. Start now!

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Your Educators of course 12 Cranial Nerves and Their Functions

 Craig Canby, PhD

Craig Canby, PhD

Dr. Craig Canby is Professor of Anatomy at Des Moines University in Iowa. He studied Biology and Chemistry at the Iowa Wesleyan College and later got his Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of Iowa.
Canby has received many awards and honors for his work including the DPT Class of 2008 Teaching Excellence Award and the Award Hancher Finkbine Medallion.
His research is especially focused on anatomical variations and technology-enabled student learning.

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boring lectues, not the best slides
By Geraldine W. on 28. May 2018 for Cranial Nerve X:Vagus Nerve

He sounds so bored, which makes it hard to keep focused. Also some of the slides aren't readable

It is very superficial.
By Maria Isabel G. on 10. May 2018 for Cranial Nerve II: Optic Nerve

It is very superficial. He just repeats whatever appeared on the slides. Additionally, the Doctor makes the lecture very boring.

By Clinton J. on 13. March 2018 for 12 Cranial Nerves and Their Functions

???????????????????????? you guys made my test today easier, i had no struggle at all. It was an oral test, i made it short and sweet thanks to you

Needs more details
By Alexander R. on 10. March 2018 for Cranial Nerve VII: Facial Nerve

Way too general, you need to go into more details and explain more

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