Trauma (Emergency Medicine)
Trauma (Emergency Medicine)

Trauma (Emergency Medicine)

by Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

Trauma is a leading cause of death and disability. The principles of emergency management—including an evaluation of a patient’s airway, breathing, circulation, disabilities, and environmental exposures—are important in trauma situations, and rapidly generating a differential diagnosis is of paramount importance for prompt evaluation and management.

The common etiologies of trauma should be categorized based on the mechanism of injury and bodily location, then further characterized based on symptomatology, a basic physical exam, and imaging evaluation, including the FAST examination. Once suspected etiologies are stratified based on likelihood, emergency interventions should be performed, a determination of the possibility of surgically reversible injury should be made, and appropriate laboratory or imaging tests should be ordered.

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 Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

Dr. Julianna Jung is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA.
She obtained her MD at Johns Hopkins University in 1999. Since 2006, she is the Director of Medical Student Education in the Emergency Medicine Department, and she was appointed the Associate Director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center in 2011.
She directs several major educational initiatives for medical students at Johns Hopkins, and her work has been recognized with several teaching awards, including the prestigious George J. Stuart Award.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Jung teaches courses on Emergency Medicine.

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Nicely summarized
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Liked how structured and simplified the approach was in explaining the actual cases we see.

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Topics well explained but it will be great if technical skills are also shown.