Toxicologic and Environmental Emergencies
Toxicologic and Environmental Emergencies

Toxicologic and Environmental Emergencies

by Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

Learn all you need to know about the general approach to poisoning in the ER

CDramatically increase your knowledge regarding the most common poisonings, and learn even more via practical case studies; this Lecturio course will make sure you understand the general approach to poisoning in an ER setting.

You will also be taught about environmental emergencies, such as burns, heatstroke, frostbite and drowning.

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Your Educators of course Toxicologic and Environmental Emergencies

 Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

As an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Julianna Jung, M.D. is an expert in teaching students. She has been the director of medical student education in the Emergency Medicine department since 2006 and was appointed the associate director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center in 2011. She is also a national leader in education, holding a position on the Executive Committee of Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine.

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By Lautaro A. on 25. October 2019 for Toxicologic and Environmental Emergencies

It’s one of the most useful courses that I have ever done, it’s complete and very understandable. I recommend it for everyone.

A good video to learn the management in a easy way . Good tips.
By Step O. on 05. September 2018 for Anaphylaxis: Management & Disposition

excellent video. I recommend this and the introduction of anaphylaxis. Thanks DR. Julianna

New ED nurse
By Geovannia G. on 08. June 2018 for Toxicologic and Environmental Emergencies

I’m a new nurse in the ED in need of more information about toxicology

Great lecture !
By Andree-Anne P. on 17. April 2018 for Toxidrome: Sympathomimetic, Anticholinergic, Cholinergic, Sedative-Hypnotic & Opioid

Straight to the essentials, very easy to understand. Great tips for remembering syndrome.