Respiratory Emergencies
Respiratory Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies

by Sharon Bord, MD

In emergency situations, access to a free and open airway is a priority. It is, therefore, no surprise that respiratory emergencies represent an important part of acute care medicine, and medicine in general. For this reason, respiratory problems constitute an important share of the problems in an intensive care unit. Pulmonary signs and symptoms usually occur when the lungs are unable to meet the metabolic demands of the body, leading to inadequate tissue oxygenation and carbon dioxide homeostasis.

Because respiratory emergencies are both critical and common, it is important to have a framework built to quickly recognize the signs of impending respiratory distress and to rapidly evaluate and manage these patients. A failure to promptly address respiratory distress may lead to permanent end-organ damage.

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 Sharon Bord, MD

Sharon Bord, MD

Dr. Sharon Bord is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Maryland, USA.
She obtained her MD at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2004 and then completed residency training at Boston Medical Center.
She has a focus on both undergraduate and graduate medical education, and is a member of the Teaching College, a group of faculty members in the Department of Emergency Medicine dedicated to educational endeavors for residents and medical students.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Bord teaches courses on Emergency Medicine.

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not so good
By Lisa S. on 24. December 2022 for Pulmonary Embolism (PE): Imaging Studies

I dont like the presenters voice. other than that is is ok

This was created for medical students not nursing students
By Jennell L. on 24. October 2022 for Respiratory Distress: Examination

This was created for medical students not nursing students. A lot of this info is obsolete or incorrect in reverence to nursing. You can not throw the medical videos into the nursing section. It does not work like that. Nursing interventions are different than interventions a doctor would perform.

By Maye W. on 28. April 2022 for PERC Rule and Calculating Risk

the lecture covered and simplified a concept I didn't understand in class

By Ursula T. on 24. April 2022 for Respiratory Emergencies

I am An italian medical officer and I have just started studying old topics in order to refresh!I highly recommend these lectures of valuable contentbecaise they can help you handling respiratory emergencies by a correct comprehensive and efficient approach!