Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies
Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies

Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies

by Sharon Bord, MD

Everything you need to know about altered mental status and neurologic emergencies

Acquire up to date knowledge concerning the common causes of neurologic and psychiatric emergencies in the ER in this online course. Learn more about the correct approach to headaches and acute ischemic stroke. This online course goes on to cover hemorrhage, seizures, and the right approach to the suicidal patient.

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Your Educators of course Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies

 Sharon Bord, MD

Sharon Bord, MD

As an assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Sharon Bord, M.D. knows how to teach important skills to students. She is a member of the Committee of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors and Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine and on the editorial board for a board review question book.

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too fast
By Raghavendra s. on 07. December 2018 for Seizure: Management

i think speaker is going too fast to catch, some drugs doses, mode of delivery and practical problems at bedside should have been covered

Really well presented
By Shayan A. on 13. December 2017 for Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies

I like her style of lecturing; she doesn't just read off the slides (like some lecturers on lecturio!) but explains it well.

Good explanation!!!
By James A. on 26. November 2017 for Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies

I really like the way she explains everything it's so practical and her voice sounds great.They cover many topics.Definitely, recommend it.