Cardiovascular Emergencies and Shock
Cardiovascular Emergencies and Shock

Cardiovascular Emergencies and Shock

by Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

Hone your basic life support skills for cardiac emergencies

Acquire a good knowledge about the most important interventions with cardiac emergencies in order to take immediate action in the ER.

Get informed about the most common cardiac emergencies and their physiological explanations. Learn more about the initial assessment in cases of cardiac arrest and how to perform a high-quality CPR and, by doing so, save the patient´s life. In this course you will also be given insights into epinephrine and amiodarone use in an ER setting, together with information regarding pulseless electrical activity (PEA).

More topics are:

  • How to recognize and intervene in cases of asystole
  • How to carry out a physical exam and chest pain history, and order appropriate tests
  • Treating and assessing acute coronary syndromes (ACS), performing an ECG, and treating high-risk patients
  • Learn more about incidence and risk factors of aortic dissection and its treatment options
  • Get to know about arrhythmias
  • Understand the types and pathophysiology of shock and learn about its general management

Course Details

  • Videos 30
  • Duration 3:28 h
  • Quiz questions 104
  • Articles 8


Your Educators of course Cardiovascular Emergencies and Shock

 Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

Julianna Jung, MD, FACEP

As an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Julianna Jung, M.D. is an expert in teaching students. She has been the director of medical student education in the Emergency Medicine department since 2006 and was appointed the associate director of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center in 2011. She is also a national leader in education, holding a position on the Executive Committee of Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine.

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Cardiovascular Emergencies Shock. I like it very much
By Berthy P. on 28. January 2020 for Cardiovascular Emergencies and Shock

For someone with ADHD it's pretty hard focus during 2 hours lectures. Lecturio make a lot easier learning and make possible focus all my attention in videos not longer than 10 minutes showing only the most important information. Helped me to get the best scores in my group

Very useful
By Andrew P. on 24. January 2020 for Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS): Treatment and Assessment

Very useful information delivered in a direct and easy to understand manner.

Lecturio easy study
By osamah s. on 22. January 2020 for Cardiovascular Emergencies and Shock

I hose this rank b/c i cant review the lectures several times I liked the quiz and aboundance of sources I recommend more 3d images

Great Lecture!
By Katherine G. on 26. December 2019 for Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Pathophysiology & Clinical Definition

Dr. Jung is an awesome lecturer! Very clear and I really appreciate the fact that she doesn't just read slides but makes an effort an effort to explain the material!