by Kevin Ahern, PhD

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This course provides comprehensive and distinct descriptions of important processes and pathways in biochemistry. It is suitable for undergraduate students of the subject, medical students, and everyone who is simply looking to gain a better understanding of the molecular basis of life.

You will learn the basic principles of biochemistry, including protein structure, enzymes, catalysis, enzyme kinetics, metabolism, metabolic pathways, the central dogma, DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, and gene expression.

Five of the most important topics addressed here are:
  • Enzyme Function 
  • Metabolism 
  • Central Dogma 
  • Pathway integration 
  • Macromolecular structure/function

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  • Videos 243
  • Duration 20:37 h
  • Quiz questions 692
  • Articles 54


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 Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State University, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Oregon State University. Currently working as professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Oregon State University, he loves to write poetry and song lyrics. His previous works include “A Limerick a Day For a Year” and “Merry Metabolic and Miscellanic Melodies”. He is also a co-author of the popular biochemistry textbooks, “Biochemistry Free and Easy”.

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Very well explained
By Maria O. on 10. August 2020 for Glycolysis: Glucose –> G6-P –> F6-P – Glycolysis and Pyruvate Metabolism

This lecture is amazing and I loved the explanation regarding the conformational change of hexocinase during the reaction.

By Ajit P. on 03. August 2020 for Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism

His explanations are very good. Biochemistry made easy!! He is very good in teaching.

By Ajit P. on 29. July 2020 for Purine de novo Metabolism Regulation

beautifuly explained. thankyou!! Every point in every step was explained nicely.

This review is very good
By Tina J. on 23. July 2020 for Biochemistry: Basics

I like the short videos. They described what’s important and later you get questions about the video.