Biochemistry Foundations

Biochemistry Foundations

by Kevin Ahern, PhD, Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Learn Biochemistry for MCAT!

This course will help you to prepare specific MCAT-topics.

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Your Educators of course Biochemistry Foundations

 Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern, PhD

Dr. Kevin Ahern is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Oklahoma State University (OSU), USA.
He obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from Oregon State University. Currently, he teaches courses for health sciences students at OSU.
He is co-author of three Open Educational electronic textbooks on Biochemistry and a Guide to Getting Into Medical School.
Due to his achievements, he earned OSU’s highest teaching recognition, the Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award in 2017.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Ahern teaches courses on Biochemistry and on "How to Get into Medical School”.

 Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Dr. Georgina Cornwall is a Biology Instructor and currently works as an Instructional Designer in the private sector, developing interactive online training materials.
She obtained her PhD in Environmental, Population, and Organismic Biology at the University of Colorado, USA, in 2000, and has since taught a broad array of biology courses at various US universities.
She is an active promoter of hybrid/online teaching formats and interactive courses, and has received several awards for her engaging and innovative course design; e.g., she was named Adjunct Faculty of the Year at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen twice.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Cornwall teaches courses on Biology & Genetics.

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Hormones and signal Transduction by doctor Kevin Ahern is a great course.
By Gulbanu S. on 20. October 2021 for Hormones and Signal Transduction

Yes, hormones and their transduction signals are important like a cardiac conduction system starting form the Sino-atrial node (SA) finishing in the Purkinjie fibres . I mean Hormones and signal transduction are really well explained by a doctor doctor Kevin Ahern . He has been presenting the most complicated part of the medicine course so well. In terms of pregnant patient for example who does need an extra attention and management as they go though various hormonal changes while caring out pregnancy and delivery tasks. I cant thank enough for his contribution . I much appreciated.

Explained well
By Prashant U. on 07. October 2021 for Structure – Amino Acids

I loved this lecture! Everything was so well explained: simple, straightforward, and I especially love few external tidbits thrown in such as the meteorite portion. It helps to remember these facts. Thank you!

Finally it makes sense!
By Prashant U. on 07. October 2021 for Hydrophobic R-groups – Amino Acids

This lecture was one of my favorites as it made something so confusing perfectly digestible.

By Tasneem B. on 07. October 2021 for Bilayer Composition – Biological Membranes

Dr. Ahern is a very good lecturer. He explains concepts very clearly.