Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism
Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism

Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Get ready for your medical exams!

The USMLE Step 1 will test your fundamental knowledge of a variety of scientific concepts, including energy, enzymes and metabolism, which is why it is essential to expand your knowledge of Biology. Who better to review these concepts with than an expert? Dr. Georgina Cornwall is a Professor of Biology at Colorado Mountain College. Dr. Cornwall excels at helping individuals learn and review the key concepts of Biology. 

Have direct access to self-paced lectures led by Dr. Cornwall and test your knowledge through high-yield, interactive quizzes.

This course will cover all of the following essential concepts:

  • Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Chemical, Endergonic and Exergonic Reactions
  • Bicarbonate Buffering System
  • Biochemical Pathways
  • Redox Reactions
  • Glycolysis
  • Recycling of NADH
  • Pyruvate Oxidation
  • Krebs Cycle
  • ATP Synthase
  • Cell Respiration
  • Metabolic Pathways

A deep understanding of Biology is necessary to do well on the USMLE Step 1. Without this strong fundamental base, moving forward in your medical career will be very challenging. So don't delay, start reviewing with an expert today.

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  • Duration 1:23 h
  • Quiz questions 43
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Your Educators of course Energy, Enzymes and Metabolism

 Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Georgina Cornwall, PhD

Dr. Georgina Cornwall has taught a broad array of Biology courses at different U.S. universities, currently at the Colorado Mountain College in Aspen. Dr. Cornwall is an active promoter of hybrid teaching formats like online and interactive courses. Thus, she uses modern technology to engage her students in the diverse disciplines of biology – from Microbiology to Genetics.

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By Chad-Solomon D. on 18. January 2020 for Laws of Thermodynamics

I believe the term is entropy is misused in this lecture.

Awesome lectures
By Daysi B. on 07. January 2020 for ATP Synthase

Awesome analogy great lecture! Very nice lectures overall I really enjoyed them. even though I have taught this topics and I know them fairly well. I enjoy little gems of information I received through these lectures, and new understanding

Now I understand it
By Wendy D. on 17. December 2019 for Definition of Energy

I like how Dr. Cornwall recaps chemistry and relation to energy to cells. Her hand motions help with my learning and understanding. Thank you.

Nice comparisons make it easier to learn and understand
By Tereza P. on 05. December 2019 for Chemical, Endergonic and Exergonic Reactions

I like the practical comparisons used for better understanding and remembering the topic, makes it much easier and more entertaining!