Intrapartum Care

Intrapartum Care

by Veronica Gillispie, MD, FACOG

Get yourself a great overview of Obstetrics!

Do you know a mnemonic for the cardinal movements of labor? Dr. Veronica Gillispie does! Follow her in this course, where she will discuss the three stages of labor, from the onset of labor to the delivery of the placenta. In addition to the case of normal labor, she also reviews abnormal labor.

Know what to expect after the baby has excited the birth canal. Learn about the evaluation of the placenta, membranes, and umbilical cord.

Study the following topics:

  • Labor Stage 1
  • Fetal Heart Rate Tracing
  • Obstetric Anesthesia
  • Labor Stage 2
  • Abnormal Labor and Operative Delivery
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Labor Stage 3
  • Delivery of Placenta
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage
  • C-Sektion

We want you to quit mindlessly memorizing facts and start to fully understand the topic of Intrapartum Care instead. Study with high yield topic reviews, quizzes, clinical pearls and mnemonics to solve clinical vignettes with ease and prepare for your USMLE Step 2 exam.

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  • Duration 0:54 h
  • Quiz questions 62
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Your Educators of course Intrapartum Care

 Veronica Gillispie, MD, FACOG

Veronica Gillispie, MD, FACOG

Dr. Veronica Gillispie is the Clerkship Director for Obstetrics and Gynecology for the Ochsner Clinical School at the University of Queensland, Australia. She is responsible for curriculum development and preparing her students for USMLE Step 2. Her teaching has been described by her students as relatable. She makes complicated topics easy to understand.

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Excellent and would highly recommend
By Tina T. on 28. February 2017 for Intrapartum Care

She is very thorough without burdening with too much jargon or unnecessary details. She also teaches through high yield questions and case examples. I would definitely recommend this course for subject exams and USMLE review

I Really liked it
By ANDRES R. on 09. February 2017 for Labor Stage 1: Normal and Abnormal Labor

I Really liked it. The example you gave with the wedding was perfect, I will never forget it.