by Lynae Brayboy, MD


Gynecology is a topic you can't really relate to and it feels heavy on your shoulders? Don't worry any longer.

This course covers everything you have to know for your USMLE Step 2 or Shelf Exams.

Abnormal Menstruation
Normal Puberty and Disorders of Sexual Development
Reproductive Endocrinology
Pathology: Infections, Neoplasms and Screening
Pediatric Gynecology
Female Pelvic Medicine

It will be held by Lynae Brayboy. She is an expert in preparing medical students for their exams and will make sure you have no questions left.

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Your Educators of course Gynecology

 Lynae Brayboy, MD

Lynae Brayboy, MD

Lynae Brayboy from Brown University has been teaching OB/GYN for a decade. She is double-board certified in OB/GYN as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She teaches undergraduates, medical students, residents and fellows and has also won mutliple teaching awards.

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Abnomal Menstruation
By Chutimon S. on 24. September 2017 for Gynecology

Great explaination and presentation ! She described clearly and let me know what importance to memorize.

I really liked the way she presented the course
By Lamourdia D. on 02. July 2017 for Reproductive Endocrinology

Great presentation! Clear expression and the presentation contains high yields that are clearly highlighted. Reproductive endocrinology is a hard topic but she made concise and understandable.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (in a nutshell).
By Steve P. on 16. June 2017 for Hormone Replacement Therapy

I’m just getting an over view at the moment however, Dr Lynae Brayboy’s lectures are lovely, clear and informative thank you! Interesting that alternative treatments are also mentioned though made clear not FDA approved. But that is expected from the FDA as they tend only to be concerned with synthetic drugs and not herbal treatments. While most herbal treatments have been used throughout history and are said to have little or no side effects can still be dangerous (contraindicated) if taken with or along side prescribed medications. I believe this comes across pretty clearly in these lectures, that strive to be unbiased. But as stated Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a controversial treatment.

Primary Amenorrhea
By Jennifer M. on 16. June 2017 for Primary Amenorrhea

Clarity, specificity, definitive, flawless style, overall lecture is eloquently delivered.