Gynecologic Pathology: Infections, Neoplasms and Screening
Gynecologic Pathology: Infections, Neoplasms and Screening

Gynecologic Pathology: Infections, Neoplasms and Screening

by Lynae Brayboy, MD

Many women seek care for vulvar, vaginal, or pelvic complaints. These conditions are extremely common, and a basic understanding of the differential diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic pathology is important for providing quality patient care.

Gynecologic infections are especially common. Many reproductive tract infections are sexually transmitted, whereas other common infections are attributable to an overgrowth of the normally present bacteria or yeast in the vagina. Presenting signs and symptoms are helpful for determining the source of the infection, but often a battery of tests must be performed to make a definitive diagnosis.

Gynecologic malignancies are extremely prevalent among women worldwide, composing the lion’s share of the cancers affecting women. They are complex cancers with varying genetic and environmental risk factors and, therefore, varying management principles and outcomes. HPV-mediated gynecologic cancers, in particular, are highly preventable and even curable with screening, vaccination, early detection, and prompt management. For this reason, it is important that physicians are knowledgeable about the vaccination and can counsel their patients on receiving the tests and treatments so as to prevent significant morbidity and mortality in their patient populations.

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 Lynae Brayboy, MD

Lynae Brayboy, MD

Dr. Lynae Brayboy is an Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Brown University, in Rhode Island, USA.
She obtained her MD from Temple University School of Medicine in Pennsylvania. Currently, she is double-board certified in OB/GYN, as well as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and is also Visiting (Reproductive) Scientist at the Charité Berlin.
Due to her achievements, she has earned multiple teaching awards.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Brayboy teaches courses on Gynecology.

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clear explanation
By Rose . on 04. April 2024 for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Sores/Ulcers, Syphilis, and Genital Herpes Simplex

I felt Dr. Brayboy did an amazing job with this lecture. I greatly appreciate her clear explanation.

By Gökberk Ü. on 09. March 2023 for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): Sores/Ulcers, Syphilis, and Genital Herpes Simplex

Just reading the slides. Poor lecturing ability had to study this from another source. And lecturer is constantly mentioning whether the topic is on usmle or not.

Goof lecturer, but the information is simply not enough
By Daria L. on 12. December 2021 for Sexually Transmitted Infections: Drips/Discharges, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and Trichomonas Vaginalis

The lecture is well organised and the facts are explained clearly. I just think the lecture could be more detailed than it is.

Gynecology lectures can be much much better
By Muhammed B. on 28. December 2020 for Gynecologic Pathology: Infections, Neoplasms and Screening

No disrespect meant at all, but I am a 52 year old just retired internist , preparing to get back to work by taking the SPEX test, I found almost all your lectures to be very good- great EXCEPT GYNECOLOGY, poor presentation, spilling facts without explaining bases, very annoying tone, AND NO POINTER TO HIGHLIGHT THE SLIDES OR PICTURES, I loved the OB, Radiology, Epidemiology, and Emergency medicine so far Regards