Vascular Physiology
Vascular Physiology

Vascular Physiology

by Thad Wilson, PhD

Vascular physiology encompasses the biophysical principles that explain fluid mechanics within blood vessels. The constant delivery of blood and oxygenation of tissues requires a rapid and efficient flow through the generation of pressure differentials, as well as prompt collection and return of blood to the cardiac pump. This is achieved in human beings with a closed circulatory circuit.

In this course, the student will be introduced to the physiology of arterial and venous blood pressure, the immediate and delayed regulatory mechanism of blood pressure, the vascular response to exercise, and finally the circulation in the brain, heart, and skin.

For optimal comprehension, the student must have a preliminary understanding of molecular and cellular biology, emphasizing biochemistry, and the histology of blood vessels and their types. Acquaintance with the generalities of fluid mechanics is encouraged.

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Your Educators of course Vascular Physiology

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Dr. Thad E. Wilson is a Professor and Director of Education in the Department of Physiology at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, USA.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
Not only is he an experienced lecturer with many years of teaching experience, but he has also developed and improved medical curriculums, and served in leadership roles directing Medical Physiology and various organ system courses.
Due to his achievements, Dr. Wilson has been awarded multiple institutional and national medical school teaching awards.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Wilson teaches courses on Physiology.

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thanks for your ineffable help, Thad Wilson and also Lecturio's team

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