Renal Physiology
Renal Physiology

Renal Physiology

by Thad Wilson, PhD

Learn all about the physiology of the renal system, and explore its functions and segments, as well as the arterial supply and control.

Prof. Thad Wilson will provide you with the exam-relevant information on:

  • Glomerular filtration rate
  • Renal clearance
  • Urea cycle

Benefit from an overview of the loop of Henle and the integrated control of blood volume.

Furthermore, quiz questions and comprehensive download material will help you to test your knowledge and ultimately be better prepared for your exam.

Course Details

  • Videos 24
  • Duration 2:32 h
  • Quiz questions 73
  • Topic reviews 5


Your Educators of course Renal Physiology

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson is a Professor of Physiology and has been teaching medical students for more than a dozen years at Colleges of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA (Drexel University); Athens, OH (Ohio University), and Indianapolis, IN (Marian University). He has worked extensively developing and improving medical curriculums, as well as serving in leadership roles as a Medical Physiology course director and Organ System team leader. Professor Thad Wilson has been awarded multiple medical school teaching awards and previously was involved in both question writing and question reviewing for national board exams in the health sciences. He currently helps students prepare for medical board exams, in addition to his teaching and scientific pursuits. Professor Thad Wilson has coauthored over 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as a physiology textbook, Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Physiology, which has been translated into four languages and a number of electronic formats.

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Very mixed reveiw.
By Jermey B. on 03. June 2017 for Changes in Body Fluid Compartment

Did good job explaining some of the expected changes, but a poor job at others and simply stated direction of arrow without explanation. Overall, a good lecture but definitely room for more detail to be discussed. Also, very surprised effects of acute blood loss/trauma was not covered.

A little disappointed
By Jermey B. on 20. May 2017 for Renal Physiology

I felt it lacked detail of specific transporters, and no references to any diseases or drug MOAs. Not very detailed for medical review/test prep.

helpes to understand easily, i recommend it.
By Eda D. on 02. April 2017 for Regulation of GFR and RBF

very good explanations helped me to understand easily. Recommend watching it.

easy to focus and understand
By Eda D. on 02. April 2017 for Blood Supply and Control – Urinary System

I love this subject and the professor. Clean explanations and short videos helps me stay focused.

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