Physiology—General Principles
Physiology—General Principles

Physiology—General Principles

by Thad Wilson, PhD

Understand the mechanisms of living – from the basic cell to complex organisms

Physiology is the science of life. Whether we walk, talk, exercise, sleep or read this text, we are implementing physiology. In this course, Professor Thad Wilson will introduce you to the general principles of physiology and the main components of this scientific field. For medical students, mastering the discipline of physiology is a crucial part of their education, to which this course will make an important contribution.

The course “General Physiology” will:
  • give you a definition of physiology and explain its importance
  • introduce membrane physiology and the way cells signal to each other
  • explain the regulation of body temperature and the meaning of fever
All information is presented in a straightforward, easy to understand manner using details when needed to understand a pathophysiologic mechanism or drug target. The course is therefore ideal for medical students studying for their board exams, as well as practitioners wishing to refresh their physiological knowledge.

After finishing this course, participants will grasp the essentials of this complex topic and be able to explain the main components of a functioning, healthy body.

Course Details

  • Videos 40
  • Duration 3:37 h
  • Quiz questions 204
  • Articles 17


Your Educators of course Physiology—General Principles

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson is a Professor of Physiology and has been teaching medical students for more than a dozen years at Colleges of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA (Drexel University); Athens, OH (Ohio University), and Indianapolis, IN (Marian University). He has worked extensively developing and improving medical curriculums, as well as serving in leadership roles as a Medical Physiology course director and Organ System team leader. Professor Thad Wilson has been awarded multiple medical school teaching awards and previously was involved in both question writing and question reviewing for national board exams in the health sciences. He currently helps students prepare for medical board exams, in addition to his teaching and scientific pursuits. Professor Thad Wilson has coauthored over 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as a physiology textbook, Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Physiology, which has been translated into four languages and a number of electronic formats.

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By Keisha S. on 07. December 2018 for Membrane Physiology

Dr. Wilson's delivery.....WOW....Really appreciate this and pray to God to be able to retain same for massive exams on Monday

By Krishna P. on 06. October 2018 for Control and Regulation

He makes it very easy to understand. I learned so much from this video without even realizing it.

Me encantó
By Cuack S. on 30. September 2018 for Homeostasis: Definition & Level of Organization

He tenido problemas con la clase de fisiología, porque no puedo comprender del todo lo que mi profesor está diciendo, por ahí escuché de Lecturio, y estoy muy feliz, porque pude entender muy bien lo que estaba enseñando.

Amazing and simple way to master a very confusing concept!
By Mahmoud M. on 26. September 2018 for Acid-Base Box

Dr. Wilson, you are my hero, you made this concept of acid base balance so easy for the first time in my life. Thank you so much!!

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