Membrane Physiology
Membrane Physiology

Membrane Physiology

by Thad Wilson, PhD

Understanding the functional and structural aspects of the cell membrane is one of the most important outcomes of this course.

Learn everything about ion channels, cell signaling, and the action potential.

Benefit from additional information with the corresponding download material and deepen your knowledge with the help of quiz question for a comprehensive exam preparation.

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 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson is a Professor of Physiology and has been teaching medical students for more than a dozen years at Colleges of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA (Drexel University); Athens, OH (Ohio University), and Indianapolis, IN (Marian University). He has worked extensively developing and improving medical curriculums, as well as serving in leadership roles as a Medical Physiology course director and Organ System team leader. Professor Thad Wilson has been awarded multiple medical school teaching awards and previously was involved in both question writing and question reviewing for national board exams in the health sciences. He currently helps students prepare for medical board exams, in addition to his teaching and scientific pursuits. Professor Thad Wilson has coauthored over 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as a physiology textbook, Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Physiology, which has been translated into four languages and a number of electronic formats.

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Nicely Explained
By Shreya K. on 12. May 2019 for Surface Modifications of Epithelial Cells

Excellently Explained about the transport and clarifies doubts regarding the different transport modes in membranes

By Sam M. on 27. March 2019 for ATPases

I appreciate that the changes were made according to reviews previously posted by students. It helps that the information is staying up-to-date for all users

Great Lecturer - content OK.
By Michael D. on 24. February 2019 for ATPases

In the lecture Thad says that ATPase is a V-type pump, but in the test it is a P-Type pump, which is correct. This pump is called a P-type ion pump because the ATP interactions phosphorylates the transport protein and causes a change in its conformation. There should be a review process to ensure accuracy before these lessons are released. Overall a great lecture, but details like this are important ones not to miss. Thanks!

By Mohsin K. on 31. December 2018 for Membrane Physiology

Great set of tutorials. Ideal for a quick recap before an exam.. Thanks a lot.