Physiology – Introduction & Central Principles
Physiology – Introduction & Central Principles

Physiology – Introduction & Central Principles

by Thad Wilson, PhD

Understanding the principles of human physiology is the most important outcome of this course.

Prof. Thad Wilson will provide you with a unique introduction to physiological concepts, ensuring top class exam preparation.

Download material and quiz questions will optimize your USMLE preparation efforts.

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Your Educators of course Physiology – Introduction & Central Principles

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Dr. Thad E. Wilson is a Professor and Director of Education in the Department of Physiology at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, USA.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
Not only is he an experienced lecturer with many years of teaching experience, but he has also developed and improved medical curriculums, and served in leadership roles directing Medical Physiology and various organ system courses.
Due to his achievements, Dr. Wilson has been awarded multiple institutional and national medical school teaching awards.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Wilson teaches courses on Physiology.

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I loved it!
By Esmeralda G. on 28. June 2021 for Homeostasis: Definition & Level of Organization

Great lecture, easy to follow and understand! I cannot rate every video as rating is complicated, but I really like his way of teaching

Great lecture!
By Murilo B. on 15. July 2019 for Introduction to Physiology

I choose this rating because the lecture was so clear and and simple that made me rethink about the initials steps in the study of medicine.

The best
By David D. on 04. April 2019 for Introduction to Physiology

''The best''.it is my first time studying physiology and really enjoyed it...I think all the concepts are into my head now through the lecture..thanks much..

Muy Buena
By Josue P. on 03. January 2019 for Homeostasis: Definition & Level of Organization

Claro y directo, ayuda a entender muy bien los principio básicos de la fisiología