Endocrine Physiology
Endocrine Physiology

Endocrine Physiology

by Thad Wilson, PhD

Endocrine physiology describes the processes through which hormones exert their effects on the different organ systems. Hormones play a critical role in the day-to-day functioning of the human body. For example, insulin and glucagon, secreted by the pancreas, regulate tissular uptake of glucose; thyroid hormones regulate metabolic activity; and parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, and calcitriol are charged with regulating calcium and phosphate. Endocrine glands are themselves regulated by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland via feedback mechanisms called hypothalamic–pituitary axis.

In this course, the student will be introduced to the physiology of the main endocrine glands and their secretions, as well as to the basics of feedback mechanisms.

For optimal comprehension, the student must have a preliminary understanding of molecular and cellular biology, emphasizing signal molecules and cellular receptors, and the histology of all endocrine glands.

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Your Educators of course Endocrine Physiology

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Dr. Thad E. Wilson is a Professor and Director of Education in the Department of Physiology at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, USA.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
Not only is he an experienced lecturer with many years of teaching experience, but he has also developed and improved medical curriculums, and served in leadership roles directing Medical Physiology and various organ system courses.
Due to his achievements, Dr. Wilson has been awarded multiple institutional and national medical school teaching awards.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Wilson teaches courses on Physiology.

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Endocrine Physiology by professor Thad Wilson.
By Gulbanu S. on 01. February 2023 for Endocrine Physiology

Yes, another brilliant lecture , a very difficult subject endocrine pathology but Dr, Thad Wilson explains really well.

By hosam h. on 31. December 2022 for Endocrine Physiology

Amazing cognetive connection which clear the whole picture and clarify the matter

Very Helpful
By Anika S. on 21. October 2022 for Endocrine Physiology

This helped me so much with studying for my endocrine midterms

5 stars
By Miguel C. on 14. October 2022 for Endocrine Physiology

PhD. Wilson is a great teacher, really nice explanations and excellent knowledge of all the subjects.