Cardiovascular Physiology

Cardiovascular Physiology

by Thad Wilson, PhD

Learn more about the heart and its function. How does an ECG work? What does systole and diastole mean? Who was Frank Starling?

Also, Prof. Dr. Thad Wilson will teach you the most important facts.

Deepen your knowledge with quiz questions and topic reviews.

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Your Educators of course Cardiovascular Physiology

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson is a Professor of Physiology and has been teaching medical students for more than a dozen years at Colleges of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA (Drexel University); Athens, OH (Ohio University), and Indianapolis, IN (Marian University). He has worked extensively developing and improving medical curriculums, as well as serving in leadership roles as a Medical Physiology course director and Organ System team leader. Professor Thad Wilson has been awarded multiple medical school teaching awards and previously was involved in both question writing and question reviewing for national board exams in the health sciences. He currently helps students prepare for medical board exams, in addition to his teaching and scientific pursuits. Professor Thad Wilson has coauthored over 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as a physiology textbook, Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Physiology, which has been translated into four languages and a number of electronic formats.

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Cardiac Output, Flow, Pressure – Cardiac Mechanics
By Phil G. on 15. January 2018 for Cardiac Output, Flow, Pressure and Resistance Theory – Cardiac Mechanics

I appropriate how you explain cardiac output!! I did not get it and I did study the chapter many times until I watched you and you made it so easy for me!!!

Good explanation of the cardiac afterload!!
By Phil G. on 15. January 2018 for Afterload – Cardiac Mechanics

WOW, very easy way to understand the most complex part of lecture! Dr. Wilson is very relaxed, clear and knowledgeable of the subject! I would recommend this video to my classmates!! Thank you so much Dr. Wilson!!

Dr. Wilson, you are the best!! Thank you!
By Phil G. on 14. January 2018 for Preload and the Frank-Starling Law – Cardiac Mechanics

Very clear and simple to understand! Dr. Wilson love and enjoy what he teaches!

Excellent professor; ideal length of the course.
By Sandra F. on 12. January 2018 for Cardiac Physiology

Excellent explanation about the cardiac cycle. The professor makes it simple to understand. The lectures have the ideal length.

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