Neoplasms of the Reproductive System

Neoplasms of the Reproductive System

by Carlo Raj, MD

Tumors of the reproductive system can be either malignant or benign. Female reproductive system malignancies are important causes of cancer morbidity and mortality worldwide. While endometrial, ovarian, and cervical cancers are relatively common, there also exist rarer entities, such as choriocarcinomas and vulvar, vaginal, and fallopian tube cancers. Notably, cervical cancer is highly preventable with the availability of vaccination and screening.

Often, cancers of the reproductive organs are heavily influenced by hormones, derive from hormone-secreting cells, or both. This means that several of them may have unique presentations (e.g., hirsutism or virilization) or specific risks (e.g., nulliparity or obesity) that help in narrowing diagnosis.

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 Carlo Raj, MD

Carlo Raj, MD

Dr. Carlo Raj is a Physician and Lecturer at Becker’s Healthcare, in Illinois, USA, and the CEO and founder of Indus Intellect Virtual MedEd, a medical education consulting company.
He obtained his MD from Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and is an international lecturer and public speaker.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Raj teaches courses on Pathology.

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I like the last table showing main differences of the different types of tumors.

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The professor seems to be too cold and the video could have way more images and interactions. I don't like this kind of video

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Very Nice Lecture. He has a unique way of teaching topics and make us remember stuff and give a foundation on medicine. His Integrative Teaching method is very Good. Perfect Lecturer for Pathology