Congenital Heart Disease

by Joseph Alpert, MD

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    Hello! Welcome back to lecture number 9, “Congenital Heart Disease,” in the series “Introduction to Cardiology.” I’m Joseph Alpert and I’m going to give you a brief review of congenital heart disease. I’m an adult cardiologist, so I only get to see these diseases when the pediatric specialists who really focus on this form of heart disease have either missed the diagnosis in childhood or the patient lived in an environment where they didn’t get to see a pediatric cardiologist and consequently, arrived at adult life with the disease or we see patients who’ve had operative correction of congenital heart disease, but continue to have some problems because of the disease. I’m not going to do an exhaustive review of this. There are huge textbooks written on this, just this one area, but I’m going to give you a quick feel for congenital heart disease, particularly the ones that we see in adults. Again, very briefly, let’s review the anatomy. Remember, the left ventricle pumps out the aorta… out the aortic valve into the aorta. Circulation passes around through the tissues of the body, comes back through the large veins to the right atrium, passes into the right ventricle, out the pulmonary artery… out into the pulmonary artery, back to the left atrium, back to the left ventricle. So, you can imagine there are all kinds of problems that can occur in this very complex structure. There can be holes in the heart, there can be obstructions to outflow, for example, the valves are misshapen. There’s... you can even have the ventricles switched so that the left ventricle is pumping to the pulmonary arteries, the right ventricle is pumping to the aorta. These are all problems that occur in embryonic life, that is in the development of the fetus. And...

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    The lecture Congenital Heart Disease by Joseph Alpert, MD is from the course Introduction to Cardiac Diseases. It contains the following chapters:

    • Classification
    • Obstructive Congenital Heart Lesions
    • Congenital heart lesions
    • Conclusion

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Transposition of the great arteries (blue baby)
    2. Atrial septal defect
    3. Patent ductus arteriosus
    4. Pulmonic stenosis
    5. Ventricular septal defect
    1. Patent ductus arteriosus
    2. Atrial septal defect
    3. Ventricular septal defect
    4. Coarctation of the aorta
    5. Pulmonic stenosis
    1. Arteriosclerotic heart disease
    2. Atrial septal defect
    3. Coarctation of the aorta
    4. Patent ductus arteriosus
    5. Pulmonic stenosis

    Author of lecture Congenital Heart Disease

     Joseph Alpert, MD

    Joseph Alpert, MD

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    learned alot
    By Neuer y. on 05. January 2017 for Congenital Heart Disease

    there was a lot to learn, he spoke very well and made it to where i could understand.

    Amazing! Thank you …
    By Ileana GP V. on 16. May 2016 for Congenital Heart Disease

    Amazing! Thank you for your wonderful lessons! <3

    Wonderful lecture, thank you …
    By Nadia D. on 03. April 2016 for Congenital Heart Disease

    Wonderful lecture, thank you very much!