by Joseph Alpert, MD

Cardiology is the branch of medicine that specializes in the study, diagnosis, and management of pathologies affecting the heart. These pathologies include diseases of the cardiac muscle, such as heart failure; valvular diseases, conduction abnormalities (bradyarrhythmias and tachyarrhythmias), congenital abnormalities, and most notably coronary artery disease.

For optimal understanding, the student should be familiarized with the anatomy of the heart, with special emphasis on coronary circulation and the conduction system; cardiac physiology, with special attention to the cardiac cycle and membrane potential; and embryology of the heart and major vessels.

Dysfunction of the cardiac pump can manifest in several ways depending on the underlying cause. Respiratory signs and symptoms are common in the case of poor cardiac performance or inadequate oxygenation of blood. Cardiovascular disease is one of the major public health concerns in the western world, and its associated morbidity can severely impair functionality and the quality of life of the affected individual.

A good clinician should be able to identify the most common signs and symptoms associated with cardiac anomalies and also be proficient in analyzing ECG tracings. Coronary artery disease and conduction abnormalities are of special interest for general practitioners and ER physicians. For students, their importance cannot be understated.

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Your Educators of course Cardiology

 Joseph Alpert, MD

Joseph Alpert, MD

Dr. Joseph Alpert is the Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine, Director of Coronary Care and Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at the University of Arizona (UA) College of Medicine, USA.
He obtained his Medical Degree cum laude from Harvard Medical School in 1969. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Association of Professors of Medicine, and Editor-in-Chief of The American Journal of Medicine.
Due to his achievements, he earned the Gifted Teacher Award from the American College of Cardiology in 2004.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Alpert teaches courses on Cardiology and the Cardiac System.

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Great course, amazing convener!
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Lecturio is a best! It gives just the best that is humanly possible.

Highly recommended
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Very well explained, presented and delivered. I’m not a native speaker and these lessons were easy for me to understand. Thank you very much.

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By WAFAA M. on 15. October 2021 for Obstructive Congenital Heart Lesions – Congenital Heart Disease

Perfect lecture, clear presentation efficient concise knowledge. He has great vocals and phonations .

I loved it
By Gloria C. on 12. October 2021 for Cardiac Diseases

OMG, Joseph; if it´s not your videos maybe I would never understand EKG, thank u for this important lectures! You are a great teacher and doctor