Cardiac Dysrhythmia

by Joseph Alpert, MD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Cardiac Dysrhythmia by Joseph Alpert, MD is from the course Introduction to Cardiac Diseases. It contains the following chapters:

    • Reading ECGs and identifying arrhythmias
    • Conduction System
    • ECG Trace
    • Sinus, Atrial and Ventricular Rhythm
    • Reading ECGs

    Quiz for lecture

    Test your knowledge with our quiz for lecture Cardiac Dysrhythmia.

    1. A person who has had a stroke
    2. A patient with a heart transplant
    3. Siamese twins
    4. An individual who is having an ECG recorded while holding hands with another person
    1. Left and right atria
    2. Left ventricle
    3. Right ventricle
    4. Pulmonary artery
    5. Aorta
    1. Left and right ventricles
    2. Left and right atria
    3. Aorta
    4. Pulmonary artery
    5. Pulmonary veins

    Author of lecture Cardiac Dysrhythmia

     Joseph Alpert, MD

    Joseph Alpert, MD

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