Carbohydrate Metabolism

Carbohydrate Metabolism

by Kevin Ahern, PhD

In this course, Dr. Kevin Ahern will guide you through the complex process of carbohydrate metabolism. He will comprehensively cover the step-by-step reactions of various metabolic pathways, including:

  • Glycolysis
  • Pyruvate metabolism
  • Gluconeogenesis
  • Glycogen metabolism
  • Pentose phosphate pathway
  • Citric acid cycle

The course assists your long term mastery of the subject and exam performance with quiz questions that are fed into a spaced retrieval algorithm. High-yield clinical pearls and mnemonics are provided to further support your learning process.

Course Details

  • Videos 27
  • Duration 2:13 h
  • Quiz questions 68
  • Articles 7


Your Educators of course Carbohydrate Metabolism

 Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern, PhD

Kevin Ahern received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State University, and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Oregon State University. Currently working as professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Oregon State University, he loves to write poetry and song lyrics. His previous works include “A Limerick a Day For a Year” and “Merry Metabolic and Miscellanic Melodies”. He is also a co-author of the popular biochemistry textbooks, “Biochemistry Free and Easy”.

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By Antón B. on 09. November 2019 for Carbohydrate Metabolism

Muy buen docente, se nota que le apasiona su profesion y la ejerce con entusiasmo.

Helpful Lectures
By Mona S. on 03. November 2019 for Gluconeogenesis: Regulation and Glycolysis

A huge thank you to Prof Ahern! You explanations are very easy to understand and your lectures are a huge help to get a better understanding of biochemistry topics. Thank you very much!

Simply amazing
By Mark Cristoper J. on 24. October 2019 for Glycolysis: F6-P –> F1,6-P – Glycolysis and Pyruvate Metabolism

Really good discussion. I would love Dr. Ahern to by my mentor

A+ lecturer
By Anneke A. on 24. April 2019 for Fate of Pyruvate – Glycolysis and Pyruvate Metabolism

A+ teaching style and delivery thank you Dr Ahern for making a difficult topic easier to digest