Hematologic System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

Hematologic System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

by Paul Moss, PhD
The Hematologic System is composed of some of the body’s life-supporting constituents: the blood and bone marrow. To successfully go through your PA medical study, understanding the potential problems that might occur in this system is essential.

Dr. Paul Moss of the University of Birmingham will outline the ways disorders in this system can be detected and differentiated, from white blood cell disorders to leukemia and lymphoma.

At the end of this course, you would have become comfortable answering questions covering topics in the hematologic system. The course assessment will make you more confident with practically applying your acquired knowledge about physician assistance.

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Your Educators of course Hematologic System – Clinical Medicine (PA)

 Paul Moss, PhD

Paul Moss, PhD

Prof. Paul Moss is Professor of Haematology and Head of the School of Cancer Sciences at the University of Birmingham. He studied Medical Sciences at the University of Cambridge and later on was a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists.
Professor Moss makes substantial contributions to teaching at many levels, both within the University of Birmingham and beyond.
His research is primarily focused on Cancer Cell Biology, Clinical Trials and Tumour Immunology.

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Excellent presentatiom
By Michelle W. on 29. April 2021 for Hematologic Disorders

Logical and thorough explanation of the material. I like that he speak slowly and clearly.

By Yuliya S. on 06. April 2021 for Hemostasis – Bleeding Disorders

I like schemas and order of giving material. Easy to use and understand.

Great lecture!
By Daniyel B. on 01. April 2021 for Chronic Leukemia – Leukemia

Dr. Moss is a wonderful lecturer! He cadence and speed is perfect to allow students the ability to grasp information. I learned so much.

Fantastic lecture.
By Daniyel B. on 26. February 2021 for Acute Leukemia – Leukemia

He is my absolute favorite and has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. His lectures are clear and so insightful.