Hematologic Disorders
Hematologic Disorders

Hematologic Disorders

by Paul Moss, PhD

Hematologic Disorders

The Hematologic Dosorders Module is targeted at those who have former medical knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of blood. In this course our expert will expand your knowledge in this field. Besides erythrocyte abnormalities you will also learn about bleeding disorders.

Other topics of this course are:

  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Other haemopoietic malignancies and aplastic anemia
  • Thrombosis and anti-thrombotic therapy

Course Details

  • Videos 17
  • Duration 3:07 h
  • Quiz questions 117
  • Concept Pages 23


Your Educators of course Hematologic Disorders

 Paul Moss, PhD

Paul Moss, PhD

Dr. Paul Moss is Professor of Hematology within the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy at the University of Birmingham, UK, and Deputy Head of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences.
He studied Medical Sciences at the University of Cambridge and was a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. During the coronavirus pandemic, he has been leading the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium (UK-CIC).
Dr. Moss makes substantial contributions to teaching both within the University of Birmingham and beyond.
Within Lecturio, he teaches courses on Hematology.

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Good lectures
By Dr Mansour A. on 04. March 2022 for Hematologic Disorders

Very good material Very good professor But slow tone little bit But so delicious components

Good lectures
By Yasin Y. on 13. December 2021 for Hematologic Disorders

I do appreciate and respect the hematology lectures a great deal and I’ve learned so much from them. They lectures are successful at presenting the knowledge needed but sometimes due to the fact that I’m still in the process of learning, I would appreciate some extra attention to especially concept material with disease subtypes and so forth.

helpful review of treatments
By Alaena A. on 21. September 2021 for Chronic Leukemia – Leukemia

Nice overview of the different treatments. Presentation is helpful in learning and remembering.

Haematology course
By Sundus A. on 20. September 2021 for Hematologic Disorders

Its explains the course in a clear way it is well understood and focuses on all key points