Hematologic Disorders
Hematologic Disorders

Hematologic Disorders

by Paul Moss, PhD

Hematologic Disorders

The Hematologic Dosorders Module is targeted at those who have former medical knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of blood. In this course our expert will expand your knowledge in this field. Besides erythrocyte abnormalities you will also learn about bleeding disorders.

Other topics of this course are:

  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Other haemopoietic malignancies and aplastic anemia
  • Thrombosis and anti-thrombotic therapy

Course Details

  • Videos 17
  • Duration 3:08 h
  • Quiz questions 130
  • Articles 19


Your Educators of course Hematologic Disorders

 Paul Moss, PhD

Paul Moss, PhD

Prof. Paul Moss is Professor of Haematology and Head of the School of Cancer Sciences at the University of Birmingham. He studied Medical Sciences at the University of Cambridge and later on was a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists.
Professor Moss makes substantial contributions to teaching at many levels, both within the University of Birmingham and beyond.
His research is primarily focused on Cancer Cell Biology, Clinical Trials and Tumour Immunology.

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Very very crisp not useful for NEET PG
By Suresh P. on 26. June 2020 for Hematologic Disorders

The lectures are very crisp.......1.not explained the classification of AML (fab and who).’’’and translocation’’’’........they are not detailed Hodgkin lymphoma about subtypes and specific findings.......among NHL they left hairycell leukaemia and T cell lymphomas are very very crisp....even anemia’s also ...no case based approach ....leukaemias prognostic factors of cml and AML ‘’’not explained ....no talk on ITP. NO DIFFERENCE B/w HUS AND TTP.....PRESENTATIONS......ABOUT HITT...IN GENERAL SO MANY TOPICS ARE LEFT

Good review
By Bassam M. on 29. November 2019 for Hematologic Disorders

Went over the coagulation in very simple way. The only thing is you need to see it more than once to remember the cascade

By MUNAH M. on 14. June 2019 for Other Forms – Bleeding Disorders

the lecture was very thorough explained in detail understood the lecture and saved me a lot of time

By Raghad K. on 17. December 2018 for Hodgkin Lymphoma – Lymphoma

Very easy, straight up to the point and very helpful