Acid-Base Balance
Acid-Base Balance

Acid-Base Balance

by Thad Wilson, PhD

What is the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation? This course will answer this question, and many more. Prepare for your USMLE exam with Prof. Thad Wilson. He will explain the most important and exam-relevant facts about the acid-base balance.

Benefit from additional information with the corresponding download material and deepen your knowledge with the help of quiz questions for a comprehensive exam preparation.

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Your Educators of course Acid-Base Balance

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Dr. Thad E. Wilson is a Professor and Director of Education in the Department of Physiology at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, USA.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
Not only is he an experienced lecturer with many years of teaching experience, but he has also developed and improved medical curriculums, and served in leadership roles directing Medical Physiology and various organ system courses.
Due to his achievements, Dr. Wilson has been awarded multiple institutional and national medical school teaching awards.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Wilson teaches courses on Physiology.

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An anion gap is a tool to differentiate different types of metabolic acidosis.
By Julián David F. on 19. August 2021 for Anion Gap & Osmolar Gap

This review, expose the useful tools Anion GAP and Osmolar GAP, it is easy and complete.

Acid base box
By Dr A. on 26. June 2021 for Acid-Base Box

Beautifully described. Clear and concise presentation. Your all lectures are brilliant

Excellently delivered
By Uche O. on 04. April 2021 for Acid-Base Balance

Concept clearly explained. The professor is very thorough in the description of acid base balance.

Thank you
By Ángel C. on 01. June 2020 for Acid-Base Balance

I liked the analogy of the gnomes in order to remember what are the causes of acid base disorders.