Acid-Base Balance
Acid-Base Balance

Acid-Base Balance

by Thad Wilson, PhD

What is the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation? This course will answer this question, and many more. Prepare for your USMLE exam with Prof. Thad Wilson. He will explain the most important and exam-relevant facts about the acid-base balance.

Benefit from additional information with the corresponding download material and deepen your knowledge with the help of quiz questions for a comprehensive exam preparation.

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Your Educators of course Acid-Base Balance

 Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson, PhD

Thad Wilson is a Professor of Physiology and has been teaching medical students for more than a dozen years at Colleges of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA (Drexel University); Athens, OH (Ohio University), and Indianapolis, IN (Marian University). He has worked extensively developing and improving medical curriculums, as well as serving in leadership roles as a Medical Physiology course director and Organ System team leader. Professor Thad Wilson has been awarded multiple medical school teaching awards and previously was involved in both question writing and question reviewing for national board exams in the health sciences. He currently helps students prepare for medical board exams, in addition to his teaching and scientific pursuits. Professor Thad Wilson has coauthored over 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as a physiology textbook, Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Physiology, which has been translated into four languages and a number of electronic formats.

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Thank you!
By Nayellin R. on 21. March 2019 for Acid-Base Balance

Very first time that I have understood completely acid base balance/ pathology. Beautifully explained!

Thank you Sir !!
By Aditya T. on 06. March 2019 for ph Adjustment: Acid Handling

The mechanism just summarises all the information into one picture

Thanks for making this concept super easy to understand.
By Dildeep C. on 10. January 2019 for Acid-Base Balance

Never Understood this concept so easily until Dr. Wilson explained it on this forum.

Can't thank you enough Professor Wilson!
By Dildeep C. on 06. January 2019 for Renal Tubular Acidosis: Types & Acid-Base Summary

Never understood this much better than today! Thanks a lot for for doing this.