Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Disorders

by Michael Lazarus, MD

In this basic introductory course on thyroid diseases, Professor Michael Lazarus explores the physiology of the thyroid and the symptoms of thyroid diseases. The difference between benign and malignant thyroid carcinoma is an important topic that will be highlighted throughout the videos. In addition, the effects of hyperthyroidism will be covered extensively. 

With the aid of case studies, you will learn how to use medical terminology accurately to describe different diseases of the thyroid. By the end of this course, you will understand the diagnosis and treatment of different types of thyroid diseases as well as the precautions for specific treatments. 

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Your Educators of course Thyroid Disorders

 Michael Lazarus, MD

Michael Lazarus, MD

Dr. Michael Lazarus is the Section Chief of the UCLA Hospitalist Program at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine. He has been teaching internal medicine residents and medical students for over twenty years and has won numerous teaching awards.

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Good lectures
By Chukwuebuka A. on 17. April 2021 for Thyroid Disorders

Love it, it addressed the 'best next step' questions. Really nice

5 stars
By Renato M. on 07. December 2020 for Thyroid Disorders

Really well structured and very helpful clinical presentations. I wish more Lecturio courses would be like this

By Geraldine C. on 17. November 2020 for Toxic Adenoma and Multinodular Goiter with Case

Thank you, Dr. Your lecture was simple and easy to understand.

Brief and summarized in less time
By Neuer N. on 02. September 2020 for Thyroid Disorders

The teacher was very precise and meaningful . Tables were really good