Tumor Immunology
Tumor Immunology

Tumor Immunology

by Peter Delves, PhD

Why aren’t tumors controlled by the immune response and what does nonspecific immunotherapy involve?

In his course about tumor immunology, Prof. Dr. Peter Delves will answer these questions and help you understand the role of tumor antigens and tumor-infiltrating NK cells, as well as the following subjects:

  • Anti-Tumor Immunity
  • Checkpoint Inhibitor Blockade
  • Gene Modification
  • Tumor Vaccines

The video courses are supported by scripts and related articles, included in the learning material. Also, quiz questions guarantee an excellent and easy preparation for the USMLE. What are you waiting for? Become an expert in tumor immunology!

Course Details

  • Videos 7
  • Duration 0:32 h
  • Quiz questions 19
  • Concept Pages 6


Your Educators of course Tumor Immunology

 Peter Delves, PhD

Peter Delves, PhD

Dr. Peter Delves is a Professor Emeritus of Immunology and served as the Vice Dean of Education of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at University College London, UK.
He obtained his PhD at the University of London and is a prolific author, having published several textbooks and laboratory manuals. He is also the editor of two encyclopedias on immunology and on life sciences.
Dr. Delves has extensive teaching experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is particularly interested in innovations in web-based education.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Delves teaches courses on the Immune System.

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By Kishore Krishna Kumaree .. on 08. October 2019 for Immune Response to Tumors: Tumor Antigens and Antitumor Immunity

very nice and descriptive information regarding the tumor immunology, it has helped a lot

My Immunology course Rating
By David W. on 16. May 2019 for Tumor Immunology

I've chosen to give these points because Prof. Peter Delves explains in a concise and simple way, so has a student I can understand in detail all panorama. So that is the reason why I've chosen Lecturio. And loved the way Prof. Peter Delves explains. Best Regards, David Wentacem

clear and easy to understand
By Kewalee R. on 05. April 2019 for Tumor Vaccines

very good pacing, clear, and well structured course. Thank you !

Tumor immunology
By Mark A. on 27. April 2018 for Tumor Immunology

immunology can be quite difficult to follow at times but this lecturer made it quite precise and concise