Immune System
Immune System

Immune System

by Peter Delves, PhD

The immune system can be defined as a collection of tissues spread throughout the body and dedicated to its protection by the innate or adaptive deployment of cellular and humoral resources for the control of infection. Immunology is the field that focuses on the study of the components of the immune system and its alterations. More specifically, the field looks into the pathophysiology of immunodeficiencies, hypersensitivity reactions, organ transplantation, cancer, and vaccinations.

For optimal comprehension, the student needs to be familiar with all lymphoid organs and tissues, the types of immune cells from both the erythroid and lymphoid lines, and the biochemistry of immune globulins (Ig) and complement proteins.

The pathophysiology of immune disorders can be challenging to master. The key to maximizing comprehension of such complex orders lies in getting a good grasp of the basics of how the immune system works.

For the general physician, understanding the pathophysiology and manifestations of immunological illnesses can ensure adequate referral of patients to the specialized care they need, as some require attention by an immunologist and others by an oncologist. Furthermore, a good understanding of the basics of vaccines allows the physician to properly advocate for such interventions in their community.

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 Peter Delves, PhD

Peter Delves, PhD

Dr. Peter Delves is a Professor Emeritus of Immunology and served as the Vice Dean of Education of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at University College London, UK.
He obtained his PhD at the University of London and is a prolific author, having published several textbooks and laboratory manuals. He is also the editor of two encyclopedias on immunology and on life sciences.
Dr. Delves has extensive teaching experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is particularly interested in innovations in web-based education.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Delves teaches courses on the Immune System.

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Detailed but to the Point
By Mosa H. on 15. October 2022 for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Detailed the disease's pathophysiology in a precise format that was easily understood.

A miracle called professor Delves
By Mohammadhossein G. on 10. October 2022 for Adaptive Immune System

Professor Delvies is perfect! I have just figured out what immunology is! Thanks Lecturio. Thanks professor Delves.

Expert knowledge and engaging delivery
By Paulina B. on 22. June 2022 for Immune System: Overview and Cells

DR Delves is fantastic in this series. He is clear and delivers the information in a very engaging manner. I felt confident going into my exam after working through the modules. Thanks so much Dr Delves for a great experience.

Hard to understand.
By Igor G. on 15. June 2022 for Immunodiagnostics

I love this teacher, but his pronunciation is not understanding.