Immune System: Overview and Cells
Immune System: Overview and Cells

Immune System: Overview and Cells

by Peter Delves, PhD

Become an expert in Immunology!

This course provides you with a perfect overview of the human immune system. Dr. Peter Delves is your lecturer and will teach you more than just the basics:

  • Learn how the immune response works
  • Learn how the immune system is organized
  • Learn about the cells of the immune system

The download material includes presentation slides and related articles, and will help you learn the subject in even greater detail. Quiz questions allow you to test your knowledge.

Course Details

  • Videos 8
  • Duration 0:39 h
  • Quiz questions 19
  • Articles 2


Your Educators of course Immune System: Overview and Cells

 Peter Delves, PhD

Peter Delves, PhD

Peter Delves, Professor Emeritus of Immunology and former Vice Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at University College London, is not only editor of two encyclopedias but also author of several textbooks and laboratory manuals. His special interest lies in improving an understanding of immunology through both web-based education and face-to-face interaction.

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By Baraka S. on 03. October 2018 for Immune System: Overview and Cells

The lecturers are well illustration and presented. General speaking the presentations are perfect

best course ever
By Elenella S. on 23. September 2018 for Immune System: Overview and Cells

Its an excelent course, easy to understad. He explains very good. The comparative tables are excellent

By Güney G. on 13. June 2018 for Immune Response

For many years, I have read lots of textbooks and lots of lecture slides to learn immunology but it was always confusing and none of them knows how to begin immunology. The immune system is a kind of spider web which has no begin and no end. On the other hand, Dr Delves is a very smart academician who found a way how to chance a spider web into a linear and understandable structure. If you need to learn immunology, don't waste your time beginning with memorizing every immune cell, every receptor. Instead, just leave yourself into the arms of Lecturio by Prof Peter Delves, Lecturio definitely takes you to your goals for sure if your goal related to immunology.

Excellent professor and great beginning for immunology
By Güney G. on 13. June 2018 for Introduction: Pathogens and the Immune System

We need a cloned one or twin of Prof Delves for Istanbul Technical University. I began to learn immunology with this lesson and just with 8 days of his video lessons I succeed to pass molecular immunology that's the lesson I hadn't passed for many years. I am grateful for you Dr Delves. The chaotic structure of immunology gets easy by your lessons. Not only your lessons made me be graduated from my undergraduate education but also you changed my mind about immunology. I like it very much after your lessons and the beginning of the journey was this lesson.

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