Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease
Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease

Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease

by Peter Delves, PhD

Hypersensitivity refers to an immune response that is disproportionate or exaggerated relative to the triggering factor. Autoimmunity describes the mistaken reaction of the immune system toward the body’s own tissues. It’s important to note that the processes in these reactions are normal in themselves, but the target of the response is too minuscule or mistaken.

In this course, the student will be introduced to hypersensitivity and its types, autoimmunity, and the most notable disorders.

For optimal comprehension, the student must have a preliminary understanding of molecular and cellular biology, emphasizing gene expression, protein synthesis, signal molecules, and cellular receptors. A good grasp of normal immunity is also a must.

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Your Educators of course Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease

 Peter Delves, PhD

Peter Delves, PhD

Dr. Peter Delves is a Professor Emeritus of Immunology and served as the Vice Dean of Education of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at University College London, UK.
He obtained his PhD at the University of London and is a prolific author, having published several textbooks and laboratory manuals. He is also the editor of two encyclopedias on immunology and on life sciences.
Dr. Delves has extensive teaching experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is particularly interested in innovations in web-based education.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Delves teaches courses on the Immune System.

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By Liliana E. on 30. November 2022 for Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease

Perfectly explained. Very easy to follow up and very interesting

Detailed but to the Point
By Mosa H. on 15. October 2022 for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Detailed the disease's pathophysiology in a precise format that was easily understood.

Finally a simple explanation.
By Blaze B. on 01. December 2021 for Immune Tolerance and Autoimmune Regulator (AIRE)

I needed a short, sweet, simple explanation of immune tolerance, and that is exactly what this is. Thank you!

Course rating
By paola B. on 11. July 2021 for Hypersensitivity and Autoimmune Disease

Interesting course about the hippersensibility and different things for learning