Disorders of the Small and Large Intestines

Disorders of the Small and Large Intestines

by Kelley Chuang, MD

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Your Educators of course Disorders of the Small and Large Intestines

 Kelley Chuang, MD

Kelley Chuang, MD

Dr. Kelley Chuang is a hospitalist and assistant clinical professor in the Department of Medicine at UCLA. She obtained her medical degree from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She then completed residency and a chief residency in Internal Medicine at UCLA. Before her medical training, she was a high school science teacher in Washington, D.C. She loves combining her interests in medicine and teaching as a medical educator.

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Excellent teacher
By Ricardo G. on 14. July 2020 for Colonic Polyps with Case

All of her lectures are awesome , she should make more lectures , wonderful teacher

Very clear and thorough
By McKenna T. on 27. May 2020 for Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia with Case

She is very thorough and clear. I appreciate pointing out the different etiologies of chronic vs acute mesenteric ischemia

I Appreciate the distinguishing features
By Catherine F. on 19. February 2020 for Disorders of the Small and Large Intestines

It is an excellent review. I really appreciate how she walks us through the steps for diagnosis and distinguishing small vs large intestine criteria. I have much more clarity now! Thank you!