Introduction to Renal Pathology
Introduction to Renal Pathology

Introduction to Renal Pathology

by Carlo Raj, MD

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Dr. Carlo Raj is an expert in preparing clinical students for their board exams in internal medicine and will provide you with high-yield lectures helping you to understand the essentials of Renal Pathology.

Learn with high quality video lectures, interactive quiz questions, topic reviews, clinical pearls and mnemonics. Our goal is to stop you from mindlessly memorizing facts and encourage a deeper understanding of the relevant concepts in Renal Pathology. With Lecturio experts, you can easily solve clinical vignettes for USMLE Step 2 or your NBME Shelf exam after completing your clinical rotation in internal medicine.

This course covers all exam-relevant topics:

  • Renal Patho-Embyrology
  • Horseshoe Kidney
  • Renal Blood Flow
  • Creatinine
  • Proximal Convoluted Tubule
  • Distal Convoluted Tubule
  • Collecting Duct
  • Extracellular Fluid
  • Dehydration
  • Fluid Regulation and Electrolyte Balance
  • IV Fluids
  • Diabetes Insipidus
  • Chemical Dipsticks
  • Tubulointerstitial Disease
  • Nephrolithiasis
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Course Details

  • Videos 4
  • Duration 0:18 h
  • Quiz questions 13
  • Concept Pages 3


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 Carlo Raj, MD

Carlo Raj, MD

Dr. Carlo Raj is a Physician and Lecturer at Becker’s Healthcare, in Illinois, USA, and the CEO and founder of Indus Intellect Virtual MedEd, a medical education consulting company.
He obtained his MD from Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and is an international lecturer and public speaker.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Raj teaches courses on Pathology.

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unclear lessons
By Sara A. on 09. November 2021 for Potter's Syndrome

I'm sorry but I can't seem to understand him, it feels like he's revising the new subject to me instead of teaching it.

pottes stars
By Metehan A. on 19. September 2018 for Potter's Syndrome

everything 4 boards are covered and the narrator really gives main road of the subject

Too fast, unfocused and not detailed enough
By Isaac V. on 26. March 2018 for Potter's Syndrome

The lecturer does a great job at keeping the presentation interesting, however he rushed over several points in the topics to the point in which he ignored some of the information present in his slides. Also, it feels out of place when he jumps to different topics that have little to nothing to do with the present lecture. Finally, the lecture feels SO rushed that he missed key aspects of the pathology of every desease he talked about, especially Potter Sequence and its etiologies.

Best of the best..
By Neuer N. on 20. January 2018 for Renal Patho-Embryology

Best lecture i have ever seen..concise with high yield topics.