Muscle Tissue

by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Muscle Tissue by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD is from the course Muscle Tissue. It contains the following chapters:

    • Muscle Tissue
    • How is muscle tissue classified?
    • Organization of a skeletal muscle fibre
    • The Sarcomere
    • Innervation of a skeletal muscle fibre
    • How does muscle repair after injury?

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Smooth muscle
    2. Skeletal muscle
    3. Cardiac muscle
    1. fast glycolytic fibres
    2. slow oxidative fibres
    3. fast oxidative glycolytic fibres
    4. slow twitch fibres
    5. suitable for middle distance running events
    1. Multi-nucleated central nuclei
    2. Sarcoplasmic reticulum
    3. Sarcolemma
    4. Myofibrils
    5. Multi-nucleated peripheral nuclei
    1. one Z line and another
    2. one A band and another
    3. one M line and another
    4. one I band and another
    5. one H band and another
    1. 1 micrometre
    2. 2 micrometres
    3. 2.6 micrometres
    4. 3 micrometres
    5. 4 micrometres
    1. A band changes
    2. H band changes
    3. I band changes
    4. between the z lines changes
    5. M line remains the same
    1. stores potassium ions
    2. stores calcium ions
    3. is part of the sarcoplasmic reticulum
    4. is intimately associated with the sarcolemma of the muscle fibre
    5. is intimately associated with each myofibril
    1. ...all muscle fibres innervated by a single axon.
    2. ...all nerve fibres innervating a one single muscle bundle.
    3. ...all the muscle fibres comprising a single muscle fascicle.
    4. ... all the myofibrils comprising a single muscle fibre.
    5. .. the motor endplates (neuromuscular junctions) on a single muscle fibre.

    Author of lecture Muscle Tissue

     Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

    Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    By Phoebe A. on 11. January 2017 for Muscle Tissue

    Excellent, really detailed and delivered in a very simplistic way. After listening to this lecture I did not require to read lecture slides, clearly understood everything

    very good
    By Tiia A. on 15. December 2016 for Muscle Tissue

    I liked this lecture, because it was very easy to follow and clearly explained

    Thank you so much …
    By Sahar A. on 23. May 2016 for Muscle Tissue

    Thank you so much for this amazing lecture Professor Meyer.