Gastrointestinal Histology

Gastrointestinal Histology

by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

Whether histology is your favourite topic or not, it is on Step 1. You have to know about different types of tissue, cardiovascular histology and respiratory histology.

This course also covers:

  • Endocrine Histology
  • Reproductive Histology
  • Urinary Histology
  • Lymphoid Histology
  • Gastrointestinal Histology
  • Sensory Histology

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Course Details

  • Videos 33
  • Duration 2:39 h
  • Quiz questions 101
  • Concept Pages 14


Your Educators of course Gastrointestinal Histology

 Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

Prof. Geoffrey Meyer is a Professor and Senior Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Western Australia in 1981. Currently, he is the Coordinator for Histology in the Federative International Program for Anatomical Terminologies (FIPAT) of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA).
Due to his achievements, he earned the Australian University Teaching Award and has received teaching fellowships from the University of Western Australia and the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Meyer teaches courses on Histology.

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Wow, very informative.
By Nina O. on 07. December 2021 for Lip

Professor, I thank you! You made this lecture so easy for me to understand that I kept on smiling to myself knowing that I now understand this lecture perfectly well. I like the way you demonstrated the parts of the lips by actually showing/pointing to it on yourself. For initially before I watched your lecture, I did not know where the vermilion border was, etc. Thank you for enriching my knowledge with such vital information. God bless you

Good and clear lecture! Thank you
By Ana Z. on 03. November 2021 for Small Intestine: Histology

His lectures are always amazing, simple and so clear! Thank you

By Facundo C. on 02. September 2021 for Stomach

Español: Fácil de aprender. Conciso y directo. Buena infografía. English: Easy to learn. Concise and direct. Good infographic.

Combining physiological process with histological structures makes it easier to understand
By NAME L. on 07. July 2021 for Gastrointestinal Histology

Very well explained. Physiological aspects of digestion & absorption combined with histological study makes it easy to comprehend the process. Eg. Circulation of blood & bile to & from the liver very well explained.