by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Epithelium by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD is from the course Connective Tissue. It contains the following chapters:

    • Epithelium
    • How is an epithelium classified?
    • Epithelial cells exhibit polarity
    • How are epithelial cells joined together?
    • Surfaces of epithelial cells
    • The basement membrane

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. They are anchored to underlying connective tissue by the lamina propria.
    2. They have a surface adjacent to a lumen or free space.
    3. They are held together by junctional complexes.
    4. They all have an apical segment (an "apex").
    5. They all have a lateral border.
    1. Endocardium
    2. Neuroepithelium
    3. Endothelium
    4. Urothelium
    5. Mesothelium
    1. Villi
    2. Stereocilia
    3. Cilia
    4. Microvilli
    5. Striated border
    1. Macula adherens
    2. Occluding junction
    3. Tight junction
    4. Hemidesmosome
    5. Gap junction
    1. All of the choices are correct.
    2. Large numbers of mitochondria arranged in columns
    3. Basal folds of the cell membrane
    4. Increased active transport
    5. Increased numbers of transport channels and proteins

    Author of lecture Epithelium

     Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

    Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    i need for a test and i didnt understand much now thank you u understans the diferents types of eputhelium thank you
    By valeria G. on 20. February 2017 for Epithelium

    i need for a test and i didnt understand much now thank you u understans the diferents types of eputhelium thank you

    Very helpful lecture!
    By Kirsten D. on 06. February 2017 for Epithelium

    I have been struggling to understand epithelial cells in my college anatomy class so I'm glad I found these lectures. I'm very appreciative of Dr. Meyer's explanations on the different structures, shapes, and names for epithelial cells. The quizzes during the video help me stay focused.

    Great lecture
    By Facundo B. on 16. January 2017 for Epithelium

    Great lecture! It is easy to understand and very clearly explained. I think this kind of lectures are great to listen before you read your textbook, so that you alredy have an idea about the topic you are about to read. I really loved it, thank you.

    i like it
    By Jose m. on 03. December 2016 for Epithelium

    i like it. it is a very helpful lecture. thanks now i can read and understand