Connective Tissue: Fibres

by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Connective Tissue: Fibres by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD is from the course Connective Tissue. It contains the following chapters:

    • Connective tissue fibres
    • What are the properties of connective tissues?
    • How are connective tissues classified?
    • Other common named locations
    • Histological distinction and extracellular constituents

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. contains cells that can identify pathogens.
    2. is an epithelium.
    3. attaches an epithelium to the basement membrane.
    4. attaches the basement membrane to underlying connective tissue.
    5. has more fibrous components than cellular components.
    1. dense, irregular connective tissue
    2. loose connective tissue
    3. dense, regular connective tissue
    4. mesenchymal connective tissue
    5. mucous connective tissue
    1. blood cells
    2. bone cells
    3. cartilage cells
    4. endothelial cells
    5. mesothelial cells
    1. core proteins
    2. hyaluronic acid
    3. link proteins
    4. proteogylcans
    5. collagen

    Author of lecture Connective Tissue: Fibres

     Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

    Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    Wonderful Lecture
    By Kirsten D. on 13. February 2017 for Connective Tissue: Fibres

    I really enjoy Dr. Meyer's lectures. Using the Australian bottlebrush flower to represent the hyaluronic acid and its relationship with glycosaminoglycans was incredibly helpful for me. He does a great job explaining connective tissue fibres in general. I am still struggling a bit in differentiating type I collagen fibres from type II and type III through slides.