Introduction to the Respiratory System
Introduction to the Respiratory System

Introduction to the Respiratory System

by Jeremy Brown, PhD

Learn the Basics of Respiratory Medicine!

In this course you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the normal lung, and the clinical approach to patients with suspected lung disease, in particular how to take an effective history and interprete abnormal examination findings.
Contents of this course include:

  • Lung Anatomy
  • Overview of Lung Diseases
  • Lung Examination

Course Details

  • Videos 29
  • Duration 3:36 h
  • Quiz questions 106
  • Articles 9


Your Educators of course Introduction to the Respiratory System

 Jeremy Brown, PhD

Jeremy Brown, PhD

Professor Jeremy Brown is a clinician scientist with an interest in respiratory infection. He studied medicine in London, graduating with honors, and continued his postgraduate medical training in a variety of London hospitals.
He completed his PhD in molecular microbiology in 1999 and obtained a prestigious Welcome Advanced Research Fellowship for further scientific training at the University of Adelaide. His research is mainly focused on respiratory complications of haematological disease and stem cell transplantation.
His educational and scientific experience enables him to teach students and professionals about respiratory medicine.

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Well said
By Chadnee S. on 17. March 2019 for Introduction – Lung Anatomy

It was simply constructed well with diagrams and easily understood. He did not overcomplicate it.

By Natan L. on 04. March 2019 for Pulmonary Vasculature – Lung Anatomy

reading off the slide, unclear explanation., unclear speech. Uses complicated terminology to explain simple ideas

Good overview
By Hunkyo C. on 10. January 2019 for Diagnosis: Chest X-ray and Ct Scan – Lung Disease

Good overview of the different scans used to examine lungs and specific uses for each.

Detailed lectures
By Kemi A. on 07. May 2018 for Symptoms: Wheeze, Chest Pain and Cough – Lung Disease

The use of visuals, sectioned topics and thorough teaching of each sections are all superb.