Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Pulmonary Vascular Disease

by Jeremy Brown, PhD

The main purpose of the lungs and heart are to provide oxygenated blood to the body. Oxygen is required by all tissues for cellular respiration and is therefore essential for energy production under efficient conditions.

Are you a medical student, health professional or junior doctor? Then this high-yield course will provide you with everything you need to know about assessing a patient with suspected respiratory disease. You will benefit from an overview of the presentation, diagnosis and management of the common and less common respiratory diseases. Learn about the anatomy of the lung and physiology of the respiratory function, as well.

This course contains the following contents:

  • Lung Anatomy
  • Lung Physiology
  • Overview of Lung Diseases
  • URTI, Bronchitis and Pneumonia
  • Vascular Diseases

Professor Jeremy Brown is a specialist in the field of respiratory medicine and will make sure you attain a deep understanding of this relevant topic.

Study with high quality video lectures, topic reviews to summarize the topics, and quiz questions! Furthermore, Prof. Brown with provide you with valuable clinical pearls and medical mnemonics.

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  • Duration 0:35 h
  • Quiz questions 27
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Your Educators of course Pulmonary Vascular Disease

 Jeremy Brown, PhD

Jeremy Brown, PhD

Professor Jeremy Brown is a clinician scientist with an interest in respiratory infection. He studied medicine in London, graduating with honors, and continued his postgraduate medical training in a variety of London hospitals.
He completed his PhD in molecular microbiology in 1999 and obtained a prestigious Welcome Advanced Research Fellowship for further scientific training at the University of Adelaide. His research is mainly focused on respiratory complications of haematological disease and stem cell transplantation.
His educational and scientific experience enables him to teach students and professionals about respiratory medicine.

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more knowledge flexibility please.
By Fred S. on 13. January 2021 for Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Introduction

He could give more clinical examples so we can understand better, instead of being super blunt about the majority of things he says.

Very informative and easy to understand
By Sawl n. on 31. December 2020 for Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Very informative and easy to understand , almost all important lectures are covered

By Yoong S. on 04. April 2020 for Pulmonary Emboli

Really clear and systematic way of presenting information, I appreciate it alot

Very clear
By Maria V C. on 28. March 2020 for Pulmonary Hypertension

I think it's very clear and precise. Also the lecture is very organized so you can remember everything that´s on the tables.