Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Pulmonary Vascular Disease

by Jeremy Brown, PhD

The vasculature of the lungs (arteries and veins) is also susceptible to various pathologies. Pulmonary embolisms, in particular, should be recognized, classified, and treated promptly to prevent serious sequelae, including death. Pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vasculitis may follow a more indolent course but can, nonetheless, also lead to serious long-term complications. These disorders are important to keep on a differential diagnosis, as they often go undiagnosed in favor of more common pathologies that cause similar symptomatology, like shortness of breath or chest pain.

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 Jeremy Brown, PhD

Jeremy Brown, PhD

Professor Jeremy Brown is a Professor of Respiratory Infection at the University College of London (UCL) in England, UK.
He obtained his PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of London in 1999. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant at UCL, and Lead Teacher for respiratory medicine undergraduate teaching at the University College London Hospitals (UCLH).
Due to his achievements, he obtained a Welcome Advanced Research Fellowship for further scientific training at the University of Adelaide. He has also led internationally respected research programs in pneumonia prevention and antibiotic resistance.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Brown teaches courses on Respiratory Medicine and Pulmonology.

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simple and precise
By Asma Z. on 28. June 2021 for Treatment of PE

I like the precise why that doctor included everything related to RX on one page, excellent!

Lecture is great
By Irfan A. on 06. April 2021 for Pulmonary Vascular Disease


Good overview of pulmonary vascular disease
By Penny F. on 18. March 2021 for Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Introduction

Good overview of pulmonary vascular disease , i do not know why the rating is low

Informative, organized
By Mateusz R. on 13. March 2021 for Pulmonary Vasculitis

Clearly presented, without redundant details. It helps a practising physician refresh their knowledge and organize it.