The Mammalian Cell

The Mammalian Cell

by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

Cell biology is the field of study that concerns the structure and function of the cell, the building block of life. In some cases, an entire organism is composed of just one cell, while other organisms may be composed of millions to billions of cells, such as mammals. Studying cell biology allows for a more granular understanding of the tissues and organisms that are composed of cells.

Overall, the study of cell biology ranges from a generalized understanding of properties shared by all cells to the study of individualized functions that are unique to specialized cells.

It is important for a clinician to understand mammalian cell biology for a number of reasons. First is that pathophysiology can often begin at the cellular level (e.g., mitochondrial diseases, lysosomal storage disease, understanding the biologic basis of tumorigenesis). Second is that cell biology is important for the understanding of physiology. For example, epithelial cells that make up our body “linings” often protect the body from external forces because of their tightly packed structure, conducting cells allow the heart to contract and pump blood to our vital organs, and protein- or acid-secreting cells may help digest food or regulate endocrine pathways in our body. The study of mammalian cells allows us to better understand these phenomena.

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 Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

Prof. Geoffrey Meyer is a Professor and Senior Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia.
He obtained his PhD from the University of Western Australia in 1981. Currently, he is the Coordinator for Histology in the Federative International Program for Anatomical Terminologies (FIPAT) of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA).
Due to his achievements, he earned the Australian University Teaching Award and has received teaching fellowships from the University of Western Australia and the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Meyer teaches courses on Histology.

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