Lung Disease: Overview

by Jeremy Brown, PhD

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    In this talk, I'll describe the different types of lung disease that'll be covered by the course. Why bother learning about lung diseases? Well, simply, lung diseases are incredibly common. Asthma and COPD, which are chronic lung diseases affecting the airways, together probably affect about 10% of the population, and they are individually some… one of the commonest chronic diseases that affect man. Lung cancer is the commonest fatal lung cancer, and it's responsible for more deaths than the next three or four common cancers added together. And that's both true for men and for women. And lung diseases encompasses three of the most important pathogens that affect humans: influenza A, the commonest cause of viral death; tuberculosis and pneumococcus, which are the two commonest causes of bacterial death, causing TB and pneumonia respectively. So learning about lung diseases—about these specific lung diseases—is essential, pretty much, for every doctor. In addition, there are a range of lung conditions which are also, although not as common as, say, asthma or pneumonia or lung cancer, are still very common. That includes pulmonary emboli, bronchiectasis, the interstitial lung diseases, problems such as pleural effusions, and obstructive sleep apnea. For example, obstructive sleep apnea is estimated to affect about 1% of the population and is particularly prevalent in middle-aged men. So these are all diseases that you need to know something about if you'd like to practice as a clinician. So, how can we categorize lung diseases? Well, we can do this anatomically. We can see about which part of the lung has been affected by the disease. So there are diseases of the lower airways: the upper part and the lower lower airways. There are diseases of the lung parenchyma, the interstitium, and the alveoli themselves. There are diseases that affect the circulation—largely,...

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    • Lung Disease: Overview
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     Jeremy Brown, PhD

    Jeremy Brown, PhD

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