Lung Anatomy

by Jeremy Brown, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Lung Anatomy by Jeremy Brown, PhD is from the course Introduction to the Respiratory System. It contains the following chapters:

    • Lung Anatomy
    • Bones and muscles
    • Lower airways
    • Histology of the lung
    • Pulmonary vasculature

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. There are two parts to the sternum.
    2. There are twelve pairs of ribs.
    3. The anterior cartilaginous ends of ribs 1 to 7 fuse with the sternum.
    4. The intercostal artery and nerve run along the inferior aspect of each rib.
    1. There are three openings in the normal diaphragm.
    2. The diaphragm is controlled by the vagus nerve.
    3. The internal intercostal muscles run perpendicularly vertically.
    4. The external intercostal muscles run obliquely posteriorly.
    1. The lingua is part of the left upper lobe.
    2. The lingua is part of the right upper lobe.
    3. The trachea is surrounded by cartilaginous rings.
    4. It is lined by a double layer of cuboidal epithelium.
    1. The pleura consist of stratified columnar epithelium.
    2. The visceral and parietal pleura are fused around the hilum.
    3. Unlike most of the lung, the pleura are supplied with pain fibres.
    4. The pleura invaginates into two fissures on the right lung and one on the left lung.
    1. The pulmonary arteries contain oxygenated blood.
    2. The lung lymphatics drain to hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes.
    3. The pulmonary arteries follow a similar branching pattern as the bronchi.
    4. The bronchial arteries supply blood to the airways.

    Author of lecture Lung Anatomy

     Jeremy Brown, PhD

    Jeremy Brown, PhD

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    Brilliant. Thank you.
    By Claudine S. on 15. May 2016 for Lung Anatomy

    Brilliant. Thank you.

    I agree that all …
    By Juliana M. on 09. April 2016 for Lung Anatomy

    I agree that all the above components are covered. Prof. Brown did a wonderful job teaching the components.