Introduction to Family Medicine
Introduction to Family Medicine

Introduction to Family Medicine

by Charles Vega, MD

Become an expert in family medicine!

Family physicians provide comprehensive health services to a broad range of patients and attend to a multitude of different health issues. It can seem overwhelming, but in this course we will teach you to think like a family physician: to provide complete, efficient, and evidence-based healthcare that focuses on the patient's priorities. This not only makes you a better physician, it also helps you get more questions right on USMLE Step 2!

  • Describe the family medicine approach to patient care.
  • Evaluate how to practice efficient medicine that minimizes the use of unnecessary tests and treatments.
  • Learn to apply the family medicine approach to common case scenarios encountered on USMLE Step 2.

With this course you don't have to worry about your test scores anymore. We will support you with solid additional material to take your studies even further.

After watching our high-quality video lectures you can reinforce what you have learned with topic reviews, test yourself with quiz questions and download the slides you have seen in the video lectures. Take notes and review the material again if you need to. All at your own pace!

Start now and prepare yourself in the best possible way.

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  • Videos 8
  • Duration 1:00 h
  • Quiz questions 33
  • Concept Pages 5


Your Educators of course Introduction to Family Medicine

 Charles Vega, MD

Charles Vega, MD

Dr. Charles Vega is the Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of California, Irvine in California, USA.
He obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Wisconsin, and completed residency training in Family Medicine at UC Irvine. Currently, he is the Executive Director of UCI’s Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community.
Due to his achievements, he earned a Macy Faculty Scholarship to improve patient-centered health education at UCI.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Vega teaches courses on Family Medicine.

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Easy explanation
By Khalid L. on 24. August 2021 for Introduction to Family Medicine

The whole thing is great and like the teacherthe way how he make it easy

Love it
By Brittany H. on 14. March 2021 for Introduction to Family Medicine

concise, high yield, and easy to understand. Love the format it feels like having an in person education!

By Hannah B. on 28. February 2021 for Principles and Application to USMLE

Excellent explanation. I would recommend to my classmates, colleagues and junior medical students.

Excellent lecture
By M and M g. on 26. January 2021 for Coordination of Care

I loved the way Dr. Vega presented his lecture, he was thorough, he didn't rush and he really explained his lecture thoroughly.