Chronic Disease Management (APRN)

Chronic Disease Management (APRN)

by Charles Vega, MD
Chronic diseases experienced by adults and older adults are predominantly managed in the primary care setting. This course covers the assessment, diagnosis, and management of commonly seen chronic conditions in the primary care setting. As these conditions are associated with high rates of mortality and morbidity, there is emphasis on prevention of escalation of disease impact on function and quality of life. Pathophysiologic knowledge is correlated with evidence based treatment interventions.

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Your Educators of course Chronic Disease Management (APRN)

 Charles Vega, MD

Charles Vega, MD

Dr. Charles Vega is the Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the University of California, Irvine in California, USA.
He obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Wisconsin, and completed residency training in Family Medicine at UC Irvine. Currently, he is the Executive Director of UCI’s Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community.
Due to his achievements, he earned a Macy Faculty Scholarship to improve patient-centered health education at UCI.
Within Lecturio, Dr. Vega teaches courses on Family Medicine.

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By Sari D. on 04. September 2021 for Osteoporosis: Diagnosis and Management

The lecturer is very eloquent and pleasant. He also points to facts which may be confusing and harder to memorize, making it easier in remembering. He gives great examples to stress the importance of the information in his lectures.

Great lecture
By Eddison A. on 07. April 2021 for Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin Treatment

Very detailed and covered all vital areas example Do and tx modalaties

By Pamela P. on 25. September 2020 for Depression: Therapy

It's a great and precise lecture, it has helpful facts like the 1/3 rule. Thank you very much.

By Kenneth S. on 17. April 2020 for Osteoporosis: Diagnosis and Management

This lecture is concise, patient-oriented, and well-sequenced with appropriate graphics.